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Alec Salameh

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Let Alec Salameh market your property.

Alec Salameh is a trusted Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty, one of the world's largest and most respected real estate companies in the world. With all the resources Coldwell Banker provides, he looks to deliver modern, trustworthy, and highly professional real estate services to his clients. Let them help you sell any type of property, commercial and residential real estate.


Craft a smart, modern strategy to purchase real estate.

When you work with Alec Salameh, you’ll get the latest technology and tools to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Plus, he’s on-hand to answer any questions or concerns that come up during the process. Create a plan to find your dream home, piece of land, or commercial property—with plenty of negotiating power.


"Awesome Awesome. Went above and beyond for me. "

  -Lorrie C., Client

"Knowledgeable about both properties for sale or rent. Quick responses and extremely professional. "

  -Meagan G., Client

"Phenomenal up and coming talent In the real estate game. Five tool prospect, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, disciplined and driven. "

  -C.G, Client

"Alec was a friend of mine before I decided to purchase a home. One day I'm looking at cars online, the next day out of the blue I'm talking to Alec about buying a house?! He negotiated the deal, set me up with a loan officer he had worked with previously. I had no nerves through the scary process of buying my first home. Alec made it a seamless process. Which is still shocking a year later considering our first time walking the home was the day Florida announced shut downs and closures. Thank you for your professionalism Alec!"

  -Philip I., Client

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If you need any help with the following:

Buying, selling, or leasing a house.
Buying, selling, or leasing a vacant residential lot.
Buying, selling, or leasing a condo/apartment.
Buying, selling, or leasing a multi-family property such as: apartments, dormitory, manufactured housing/mobile home park.
Buying, selling, or leasing a retail property, such as: an auto dealership, auto repair shop, bank, bar/nightclub, bowling alley, convenience store, day care center, department store, drug store, fast food, freestanding building, funeral home, garden center, health club, movie theater, quick service, restaurant, retail building, service station, storefront, storefront retail/office, supermarket, truck stop.
Buying, selling, or leasing an office building or space such as a: dentists office, medical office, marketing center, law office, 
Buying, selling, or leasing an investment property.
Buying, selling, or leasing vacant land such as: agricultural, commercial, industrial, or residential.
Buying, selling, or leasing an industrial property such as: a warehouse, distribution center, food processing plant, refrigeration/cold storage, manufacturing, industrial showroom, truck terminal, etc.
Buying, selling, or leasing a flex property such as: light distribution, light manufacturing, research and development center, flex showroom, flex telecom hotel or data hosting.
Buying, selling, or leasing a specialty property such as: an airport, auto salvage facility, brewery, car wash, cement/gravel plant, cemetery/mausoleum, chemical/oil refinery, contractor storage yard, correctional facility, landfill, lodge/meeting hall, lumberyard, marina, movie/radio/tv studio, parking garage, parking lot, police/fire station, post office, public library, radio/TV transmission facilities, recycling center, religious facility, residential income, schools, self-storage, shelter, shipyard, sorority/fraternity house, trailer/camper park, utility sub-station, water retention facility, water treatment facility, winery/vineyard.
Buying, selling, or leasing a hospitality property such as: a bed and breakfast, hostel, hotel, hotel casino, motel, serviced apartment, single room occupancy hotel.
Buying, selling, or leasing a health care facility such as: assisted living, congregate senior living, continuing care retirement community, hospital, rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility. 
Buying, selling, or leasing a sports and entertainment property such as: amusement parks, baseball field, casino, golf course/driving range, gym, horse tables, race track, skating rink, public swimming pools. 

As you can see, I can help you in all phases of real estate. If I cannot, I will be sure to guide you in the right direction. Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime, I am here to help.

7950 Dani Dr
Fort Myers, FL