Commercial Real Estate in Estero

Commercial Real Estate in Estero, FL

The real estate market in Estero, FL, is booming. Alec Salameh can help you find the best commercial property.

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History of Estero, FL

The name “estero” means “estuary” in Spanish. Since the area is known for the Estero River, called the Estero Creek previously, most of the city’s development originated from this region. Back in 1882, Estero was mainly used to produce citrus. Gustave Damkohler was the first homesteader in the area and farmed citrus along the Estero River. Damkohler would use the river to travel throughout the Gulf of Mexico, selling his fruit.

Cyrus Teed is Estero’s most well-known pioneer. As the leader of the Koreshan Unity, he and his followers settled along the river. Damkohler joined the Unity, donating 320 acres of land to the organization. This was the foundation of the Town of Estero, though was later abolished in 1907.

Since then, more people settled along the river, and developments were rising. These developments included stores, a post office, schools, a sawmill, and a theater.

Estero continued growing, even into the 2000s! Today, Estero is no longer central to the river. Ever since then, more buildings have developed throughout the region and there are many Estero retail properties you can browse at your leisure. The Village of Estero was formally incorporated in 2014, with Nick Batos becoming the first mayor in 2015.

Why Is Estero an Ideal Destination for Businesses?

Estero is a new city, and it’s one that’s thriving. The economy is booming, making it the perfect place for businesses to set up shop. Estero is still a small town, with a population of 37,522. This is why Estero is especially popular among young families, who want to live in Florida but still have the small-town lifestyle. At the same time, the population is still growing, making this a promising location for businesses.

As a growing city, Estero has many real estate options. New developments in the area are ideal for offices, retail, and industrial businesses. And with more people moving to Estero, new residents are demanding employment opportunities.

Even if your business isn’t looking to set up in Estero permanently, this is still a great area for expansion. Florida Gulf Coast University isn’t far from Estero, and businesses will receive lots of foot traffic from students. The area attracts tourists, making this a profitable area.

Real estate investors should also look to Estero for property investments. With the influx of new residents, this is the best place to invest in multi-family properties.

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Notable Commercial Properties in Estero, FL

Since Estero, FL is such a fast-growing area, more commercial properties and developments have been popping up all over the city, and new projects are always underway. On Corkscrew Road, shopping centers such as Estero Crossing are gaining traction. Stock Development is also working on a mixed-use business project, with more businesses moving into the area.

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