Don’t Be A Victim Of An Online Housing Scam In South Florida

The real estate market is hot right now across all of Lee County. Sellers are getting the prices they ask for, and properties don’t sit around for long before they are scooped up. The median listing price is also in an upward trend. It’s a great time to find a Florida investment property with a trusted and knowledgeable realtor like Alec Salameh.


Unfortunately, bad actors and scams come with all this opportunity and money. They grow more sophisticated yearly, and they often target unassuming victims online. Reports have been coming that some of the most lucrative Florida investment property locations are not exempt from this danger. Lehigh Acres real estate isn’t, and Fort Myers real estate agents have seen it, too.


Whether you are in search of Fort Myers real estate agents or as far south as Cape Coral, Alex Salameh is the best and most trusted to help you navigate today’s market. He aims to deliver modern, trustworthy, and highly professional real estate services to all clients. The latest real estate tools to make your purchase, sale or lease as smooth and efficient as possible are made easy with his knowledge and expertise. Each client can expect to not only have their goals for Florida investment property realized but exceeded.


One way Alex Salameh brings value to clients is through education. You’ll find a lot of information about Lehigh Acres real estate trends (as well as trends across Lee County) and tips on navigating the market at But you should also take time to understand how to avoid online housing scams plaguing South Florida. Many common tactics criminals use will be explained in this article. You can also contact Alex Salameh directly for more details and how you can get the most return for your money in Florida today for your property.

Online Property Listing Scams

The internet has become essential for almost every business, including the Lehigh Acres real estate market. Buyers can easily search for homes or Florida investment property from their computers. They don’t even have to be in the state to do so. It’s a great way to feel out an area before committing to moving or investing, but bad actors take advantage of this.


It can work to the advantage of criminals for both selling and rental properties. They commonly try to get interested parties to pay a deposit or fee upfront before showing the place in person. The scam works best when there is a hot market going on, and a fear of missing out on an opportunity – such as the current conditions are with Lehigh Acres real estate and throughout Lee County. Most of the time, the online listing isn’t associated with the property’s valid owner or selling agent. The scammers have become sophisticated enough to know a slick-looking website, technical jargon, and specific keywords make a positive impression on unsuspecting victims.


The key to avoiding falling into their trap is never to base your decision on one aspect alone. For example, Fort Myers real estate agents and any realtor in Lee County will display their certificates and expertise online. Still, they always encourage you to reach out in person. No professional will be comfortable allowing you to send money before viewing a property and asking any essential questions related to the deal. You should always beware of any “pushy” tactics and an attitude of rushing you into agreements or money exchanges.

Homebuyer Hacking Scams

One of the fastest-growing ways to scam Lehigh Acres real estate buyers is a form of hacking known as “email spoofing.” The scammers use various techniques to gain information about a current deal or upcoming closing. For example, they may find out the name of the Fort Myers real estate agents associated with the agreement, then use an email address to message the buyer. They request that the deposit or down payment money be sent to a linked account.


The scam works because the victim sees the name of someone they trust in the header. The email will appear to come from the real estate agent, title company, or lender. When the victim becomes aware of the scam, it is too late. The money and the crooks have moved on, and it is difficult or impossible to trace them.


The level of sophistication in this scam makes it hard to identify. There are some signs to look for. Check to see when the email was sent – if it is outside of regular business hours, you should be suspicious. Poor grammar and spelling are other telltale warning signs. But you can avoid this scam by talking to your agent beforehand about a payment system that you are both comfortable with. These criminals will often change the payment method at the last minute to be a wire transfer. Any last-minute changes or surprises should raise immediate red flags to the buyer.

Online “Middlemen”

Sellers are also at risk of online real estate scams. A common scam is receiving emails from prospective buyers who want to pay in cash. The scam works by sounding so appealing. Their goal is sometimes to get you to sign an option or “lock-out” agreement to make it harder for you to sell. They then offer significantly less money after your property sits on the market longer. Other times they only want to harvest your personal information and sell it elsewhere.

Be A Winner, Not A Victim With Alec Salameh

A trustworthy professional agent or agency is incentivized to get you the amount you want in the most convenient way possible. This is the proper way business should work and what to look for in a reputable agent. Alec Salameh follows these principles and can help you be a winner in today’s market – not a victim. Contact him at

September 7, 2022

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