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History of Naples, FL

Before Naples was a world-class destination for vacationing and real estate, the Paradise Coast was a hidden gem.

In the late 1800s, Louisville senator General John S. Williams traveled through Florida, interested in buying land and creating a city. The owner of the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper, Walter Haldeman, joined Williams in his travels. They chartered a boat and sailed along the Florida coast until they came across a hidden patch of land beyond the beach. The men knew they found the perfect location.

The area was abundant in fish and had loads of sunshine. Newspapers and magazines described the area as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy,” which is how the city got its name.

In 1886, the Naples Town Improvement Company was formed, purchasing 3,712 acres of land between the Gulf of Mexico and the area known today as Naples Bay. The Company purchased the land for $11,136 (which only cost $3 an acre). This purchase established the city of Naples.

Why Is Naples a Desirable Location for Businesses?

As you can see in the history of Naples, this area was always a paradise location. One can stroll around Naples and see palm trees lining the streets. Naples, Florida has been compared to the Italian peninsula for its white sandy beaches and sunshine. This view hasn’t changed since the late 19th century; people travel from all over the country to vacation in Naples, some even moving here.

These are the same reasons why many people dream of opening a business in Naples. There are fancy shops all over the city, giving Naples its charm. Plus, Naples has a healthy market; there are always people vacationing and retiring on the Paradise Coast, and businesses can receive a steady stream of income.

The Commercial Real Estate Market in Naples

It’s no surprise that real estate has been growing throughout Florida, and South Florida has especially been a popular market. Commercial property in the Naples region is growing in size and value, making this a smart investment for commercial property investors and business owners.

In addition, real estate experts don’t see a dip in Naples real estate any time soon, making this a profitable market for the long term. This means Naples’ commercial real estate market is expanding, with new projects and permits underway. More businesses are opening up office space in Naples, FL and developers are meeting this demand by building new properties. And there’s no sign of this trend slowing down!

What’s Driving Commercial Property Growth in Naples?

Many factors are driving this commercial real estate boom in southwest Florida. Southwest Florida International Airport is becoming more popular, attracting domestic and international business owners.

Even though Naples is a smaller market than Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the city is attracting new residents, which is also benefitting businesses.

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