Leasing Office Buildings in Cape Coral

As one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the nation, there is plenty of office space for lease in Cape Coral, FL, ready to help you take your business to the next level. Cape Coral is working hard at a city level to help attract and maintain economic growth with its businesses. You and your business can tap into the expanding job market and business-friendly culture that awaits you in Cape Coral.

Benefits of Opening Your Business in Cape Coral

There are numerous benefits to opening your business in Cape Coral.


Cape Coral is located between Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, making it a fantastic place for work and play. With nearly 400 miles of canals (the most navigable amount of waterways in any city in the world), there are many waterfront properties throughout the city. With yearly temperatures ranging from 54 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit on average, it is an ideal place for enjoying the laid-back Florida lifestyle when you clock out.

City Resources

The Chamber of Commerce is very active in Cape Coral. Office space for lease here is growing and easily accessible to a variety of businesses. Cape Coral is also one of the only towns in Southwest Florida that has an Office of Economic & Business Development ready to provide services to help your business prosper and grow.

Growing Job Market

Cape Coral office buildings for sale are a hot commodity as part of one of the most rapidly growing metro areas in the United States. Unfortunately, many Cape Coral residents travel across the bridge to Fort Myers to work. Cape Coral’s Office of Economic & Business Development recognizes the need to keep those residents working in town. According to Data USA, the major industries employing Cape Coral include Retail Trade, Healthcare and Social Assistance, and Construction. In contrast, the highest-paying sectors include Finance and Insurance, Management Services, and Utilities.

Commercial Neighborhoods

Currently, the three major commercial areas for businesses in Cape Coral are:

  • Cape Coral Parkway
  • Del Prado Parkway
  • Pine Island Road

These three arterial roads encircle most of Cape Coral’s residential areas. There are also a couple of commercial regions on roads that run parallel to Del Prado Parkway and a few more commercial zones north of Pine Island Road.

There are growing numbers of areas for business in Cape Coral. Office space for lease in these commercial zones is excellent for companies to set up shop as they are close to residential areas and many other businesses nearby. This can help a lot with the morale of employees as they may not have very long commutes and there are places nearby that they can visit during breaks.

If you want to take advantage of economic expansion, look no further than Cape Coral. Office space for lease here can help your business thrive and positively contribute to a beautiful expanding community. Reach out to Alec Salameh today for more information on how to get started.