Land for Sale in Cape Coral

Undeveloped land is in finite supply and has nearly endless demand and possibilities. Land for sale in Cape Coral, FL, is no exception. A savvy investor would be hard-pressed to find better development opportunities. With the help of Alec Salameh at Coldwell Banker Realty, you can find the best land for your needs and dreams in this gem of Southwest Florida.

Benefits of Investing in Land in Cape Coral

Increasing Population With Increasing Demand for Housing

As Florida’s third-largest city, with nearly 120 square miles within its limits, Cape Coral’s capacity limit is roughly 400,000 people. The population is slightly above 200,000, with real estate trends indicating that this number will rise faster than the national average over the next few years. With at least 2,500 plots of Cape Coral real estate land for sale, designated for single-family homes, this is a magnificent opportunity for those looking to build their subtropical dream home.

Steady Trends for Return on Investment

The supply of vacant land in Cape Coral, Florida, is slowly decreasing as the population has been steadily increasing in recent years. Land is one of the few tangible assets that one can own that is virtually guaranteed to appreciate in value, regardless of whether you decide to develop it yourself or sell it later on to the highest bidder. Currently, the lowest prices for vacant land lots are in the upper $30,000s, and the most expensive ones are around the mid $300,000s.

Healthy Market for Rentals

If tapping into the seasonal or vacation rental market interests you, land for sale in Cape Coral, FL, can help you make a profit quickly. Cape Coral has become an increasingly popular destination for snowbirds and vacationers during summer and spring break over the past few years. Additionally, over the past ten years, homes in Cape Coral have had an annual appreciation rate of around 11%.

Variety of Features and Locations

With the world’s most mileage of navigable canals (nearly 400 miles!), this city is every boat lover’s dream. Land for sale in Cape Coral, FL, will likely have access to waterfront views. Many lots have access to freshwater or saltwater canals; some may already have boat docks with lifts attached, increasing their value. However, if you are concerned about flooding, most vacant land lots are “dry,” meaning they do not have direct access to canals or lakes.

The bulk of developed land is in the southern half of Cape Coral. Although real estate land for sale is available all over the city, the prices of the lots increase as you move from north to south. Dry lots also tend to be cheaper than lots with water access.

Land lots in Trafalgar or Del Prado neighborhoods are delightful locations for those who prefer quieter areas with beautiful landscapes. If you consider yourself an outdoorsy or adventurous person, you should look into land lots in the neighborhoods of Caloosahatchee or Burnt Store.

Whether searching for cheap land to hold onto until you have the capital to build a dream home or you’re ready to build immediately, land for sale in Cape Coral, FL, will not disappoint. As a part of the “oldest and most established residential real estate franchise system in North America,” Alec Salameh at Coldwell Banker Realty is poised to provide expert real estate services and assist you in achieving your landowning dreams. Contact us here to learn how you can get started today.