There are a number of different types of commercial real estate available. Learn about the similarities and differences, and everything you need to know about these.

3 Types of Industrial Commercial Real Estate and What You Should Know About Them |

Did you know that not all industrial commercial real estate properties are created equal? If you are looking to buy commercial property locally in the industrial sector, you will want to familiarize yourself with the different types of Lee County commercial real estate properties on the market. From heavy manufacturing plants to warehouses for sale in Florida, here are the three different types of industrial commercial real estate.


In the manufacturing space, there are two types of commercial real estate options: heavy or light manufacturing. Manufacturing buildings are designed to produce and assemble goods. All manufacturing buildings contain less than 20% office space and loading docks with over 10 feet of clearance

Heavy manufacturing buildings are designed to handle the assembly of heavy-duty goods like cars, for example. These buildings range in size reaching up to hundreds of thousands of square feet. In general, they feature excess loading dock space and three-phase electricity.

Light manufacturing buildings are manufacturing properties that are designed for small-scale assembly and production that use more “portable” equipment that can be changed with the tenant. In some cases, these facilities feature storage capabilities along with usable space for machinery.

Storage and Distribution

In the Storage and Distribution space, there are three types of commercial real estate options: distribution warehouse, general warehouse, and truck terminal. Storage and distribution buildings are designed to house products during the supply chain process. In general, these facilities have only one story with several loading docks and truck courts. Size varies, however, all facilities feature less than 20% office space.

Distribution warehouses are used during the shipping process and are generally located near logistics hubs such as airports or transportation lines.

General warehouses are used to store goods for extended periods of time. These properties do not generally include large amounts of loading docks because goods are moved less frequently. There are different types of conditions that a general warehouse might feature such as cold storage solutions.

Flex Space

In the flex space sector, there are three types of commercial real estate options: showroom buildings, research and development, and data centers. Flex spaces are designed to be multi-purpose with customizable features. These spaces differ from other industrial spaces by featuring 30% office space rather than just 20%.

Showrooms include office spack, warehousing, and a formal showroom or showrooms. Up to 50% of the space is dedicated to displaying products for sale. These buildings are popular with car dealerships, furniture dealers, and appliance companies among others.

Research and development spaces are used to create and test new products or make improvements to current products. These buildings can have several different layouts and features depending on the needs of the company using it.

Data centers are used to house equipment that stores data and connects networks. In general, these facilities can be very large with an average size of 100,000 square feet. These facilities feature specialized designs that include cooling systems, reinforced floors, and special wiring.

Now that you know the types of industrial facilities available, you are sure to be prepared to buy commercial real estate in Florida with ease!

March 5, 2022

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