If you’re planning on buying a house in Florida, make sure you check out these tips and tricks to make your purchase easier!

7 Tips and Tricks to Buying a House in Florida

Are you considering buying a house in Florida? If so, it makes sense to ensure your buying decision is an informed one. There are some things you need to keep in mind so that you’re fully aware of any Florida-specific rules or points of consideration. 

1. Understand the Housing Market

When you look for the best place to buy a house in Florida, you must first consider the housing market as a whole. For example, it makes sense to time your buying decision correctly; avoid looking for properties to buy if it’s currently a seller’s market. When considering the perfect place to buy, compare the current market in the city you’re interested in, as well as surrounding areas to find the right market for your needs.

2. Work With the Right Real Estate Agent

It makes sense to work with the right real estate agent for your needs. Our Fort Myers real estate agents help you understand how to buy a house in Florida, what you need to consider and help navigate the sometimes-confusing process. Ensure you use a real estate agent that understands your property needs.

3. Research Your Financing Options

Did you know that some people may be eligible for additional financing options, depending on their circumstances? First-time buyers could get help with down-payments in the form of grants. Plus, there might even be subsidized home loan options available. No matter what your circumstances, your real estate agent can help point you in the right direction.

4. Consider Your Insurance Coverage

When you buy a property, it goes without saying that you’ll want to insure it against damage or destruction. When buying a house in Florida, it’s worth considering your insurance coverage for weather-related events like hurricanes. While most policies in the state have this as a standard part of the insurance, it’s a good idea to review the policy options and additions to ensure that you have all the coverage you want.

5. Research the Laws for Oceanfront Properties

Many homebuyers in Florida want to buy oceanfront properties. There can be some restrictions on what you can do with the home, depending on your location.

For example, your homeownership may include the right to restrict people walking on your section of the beach, but if you allow public access, you’ll need to keep in mind your responsibilities under Florida’s Landowner Liability Law.

6. Find Out Who Pays the Title Insurance

You may not know it, but the person responsible for paying a property’s title insurance will depend on the county in Florida where the property is located. In most counties, the seller pays for the title insurance, but this isn’t the case in every county.

7. Find Out if There Are Deed Restrictions

Lastly, you should determine if there are any deed restrictions, as deed-restricted communities are commonplace in the state. The purpose of deed restrictions from HOAs (homeowner associations) is to ensure property values don’t fall.

When you’re looking for the best place to buy a house in Florida, consider reaching out to a real estate agent in the area. You’ll get detailed information about the city and neighborhood you’re considering, help to navigate the laws and regulations, and everything you need to buy the perfect home for you and your family.

March 5, 2022

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