There’s a lot of Lee County commercial real estate to choose from. But do you know some of the most popular types of commercial real estate in the area?

7 Types of Lee County Commercial Real Estate You’ll Find |

If you are looking to buy commercial property in Lee County, Alec Salameh can provide you with the resources you need. Commercial property is any property that is used for business purposes. From generic offices to unique properties for sale, here are seven types of Lee County commercial real estate on the market.


Lee County offers a wide variety of office options for any commercial purpose. From multi-office units for investors looking to lease units to single office properties for small businesses, the possibilities are endless. There are many beautiful, Florida-style buildings or simple industrial offices that offer the perfect solution for any business.


Warehousing, manufacturing, or redevelopment, Lee County has options for industrial investors! Industrial properties can range in size from something as simple as a 3,750 square foot building to a 26,500 square foot warehouse or even multiple 10,000 square foot buildings in one location.


A retail property is any location that can be used by a business to sell a product. While this can overlap with industrial and office buildings, there are several retail options on the market. This may include a single unit within a shopping center or a 20,000 square foot sales floor. Commercial retail properties can be a great location for any buyer that is looking to lease to sellers or to sell themselves.


Restaurant properties generally are equipped with commercial kitchen amenities and dining space. With the warm Florida weather, outdoor dining is a common feature in Lee County restaurant spaces. There are different options to suit the needs of buyers looking to start their business or for companies looking to expand their business. In addition, there are different options for those looking to serve from a bar or to provide a more family-friendly environment.

Shopping Center

If you are looking to lease out the property rather than use it for yourself, consider looking for shopping center properties in Lee County. With a number of options centralized right in Fort Meyer, shopping center properties provide a great opportunity for any investor. 

Multi-Family Dwellings

Multi-family dwellings include anything from a two-unit house to a multi-building apartment community. This can provide investment opportunities for any level of investor from someone dabbling in apartment leasing as a first-time landlord to a management company looking to acquire new properties.

Undeveloped Land

Perhaps the most saturated form of Lee County commercial real estate is undeveloped land. These properties can include anything from race tracks, agricultural plots, lots for housing development, and even wooded areas that would be perfect for local parks! With hundreds of listings and more being added every day, commercial land is a great way for developers to get started on new projects now. 

Right now, Lee County commercial real estate is centered around customer-facing operations or new developments. With plenty of unique properties for sale, Lee County is the perfect place to make your next commercial property investment.

March 5, 2022

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