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Deciding Whether to Lease or Sell Your Port Charlotte Commercial Property

As a property owner, deciding whether to lease or sell your commercial property can be difficult. Both scenarios have pros and cons, so depending on your goals and the state of the market, you might find one more beneficial than the other. Do your research carefully so you’ll know what to expect from your property when deciding on leasing or selling commercial property in Florida.

Whichever option you choose, hiring a real estate agent can be a great help when it comes to navigating the intricate process of leasing or selling. A real estate agent has the resources and expertise to assist you in marketing the property, negotiating favorable terms, and providing legal assistance and property management services. If you’re looking for realtors in Port Charlotte, FL, consider contacting Alec Salameh: a certified commercial agent with Coldwell Banker, to aid you in this process.

Leasing vs. Selling

The primary difference between leasing and selling lies in its financial implications. Selling commercial property is attractive because it brings in a large amount of money in one go, but it also means you might miss out on the opportunity to make long-term revenue from leasing. While leasing commercial property can provide a steady income for an extended time, it also comes with taking on the role of a landlord and all the responsibilities that go with it, such as repairs and maintenance.

Real Estate Conditions

Another factor to consider is the state of the real estate market. If there is a high demand for commercial property, leasing can be the more lucrative option. On the other hand, selling may be the better option if demand for commercial property is low.

Factors that contribute to high demand to keep in mind are a growing economy, favorable tax policies, and an appealing climate and lifestyle. However, like any real estate market, it can fluctuate over time, and the conditions can change based on location and type of property. Stay informed about the latest trends and forecasts in the Florida real estate market if you want to make an informed decision.

Leasing If Conditions Are Strong

Start by identifying your financial goals. If the real estate market is strong, showing high demand for commercial and residential properties, then leasing your commercial property may be a smart financial move. 

High demand for commercial properties can lead to higher rental rates and a steady income stream for property owners. Leasing also allows property owners to maintain ownership and benefit from appreciation in the value of their property over time. Additionally, leasing can be a flexible option that allows property owners to adjust their strategy in response to fluctuating market conditions. 

Leasing may also be a smart move if you purchased a building at a low price and the real estate tax is low. Newer buildings cost much more to build, meaning the taxes can be three times the average amount. However, if you can take an old building and make it more marketable, this can add value to the property. A good architect and real estate broker can help you create a strategy to make an older building more appealing and competitive. If you can successfully upgrade your property, you can obtain higher rent while paying low taxes. Be cautious about how much you invest in the property and try to keep it within reason.

Leasing property is also particularly attractive to small businesses and start-ups because, as their income is starting to build, they can avoid big payments. A lessee doesn’t have to assume the responsibilities that come with ownership and can change location once their lease is up. Leasing to smaller businesses can be a great choice for you if there is high demand for it in your area.

If leasing your property seems to align with your financial goals, and you’re thinking, “I want to lease my commercial property,” contact commercial agent Alec Salameh, one of your local realtors in Port Charlotte, FL.

Selling If Conditions Are Weak

On the other hand, leasing can be more challenging—and less lucrative—if the real estate market is weak. This can mean low demand for commercial properties. When demand is low, this leads to longer sales cycles and lower prices. In this case, selling may be the better option. 

Other advantages to selling are that the property owner can liquidate their asset, avoid future losses, and get out of the market if they want to. The property owner is also free from the responsibilities of owning and maintaining the property. Furthermore, if you sell your property, you can reinvest in a stronger market or other assets that are more likely to appreciate in value.

It’s hard to say if the value of any property will stand true, but if the conditions for selling are good, this could be your best bet for a one-time deal. Just be sure your selling price is based on key elements such as location, accessibility, amenities, the property’s age, and the condition the property is in.

When you’re looking for the right buyer, it’s highly recommended that you work with a commercial real estate agent with great marketing resources and a strong network of industry contacts. They can help you find the right audience and help you in finding a buyer. If you’re searching for realtors in Port Charlotte, FL, reach out to Alec Salameh.

Tax Implications

Other factors to include in your decision-making are tax implications and legal considerations. If your property has gone up significantly in value and you decide to sell, you may end up with a large capital gains tax bill. There are some ways to reduce capital gains tax, including tax-loss harvesting, Section 1031 of the tax code (an exception that allows you to defer paying tax on the gain if you reinvest the profits), or turning your rental property into your primary home. Alternatively, if you lease your property, you may be able to deduct expenses like maintenance and repairs from your taxes.

Consult with a tax professional before you make any big decisions. If you work with a tax professional, they can help you understand possible tax implications so you can make a more informed decision about leasing or selling.

How a Real Estate Agent Can Help

Working with a real estate agent can be valuable in either leasing or selling your commercial property. They can provide a wide variety of services and resources for you, such as market analysis, advertising, legal assistance, negotiating, and property management.

Market Analysis

Real estate agents can provide their clients with a thorough market analysis to help them understand what the state of the real estate market is like in Florida. By knowing this, you can make informed decisions about leasing or selling your property and how to price it.

Advertising and Marketing

With access to modern advertising and marketing tools, real estate companies can bring in and attract potential tenants or buyers. They can create and publish professional listings about your property and advertise it on their website as well as other platforms to promote it online and to their network of contacts. By maximizing exposure, your property has a higher chance of finding a tenant or buyer.

Legal Assistance

When leasing or selling your commercial property, there are many legal matters to be aware of. This involves legal agreements and contracts that can be complex and confusing. A real estate agent can assist you with challenging legal documents, such as lease and purchase agreements. This ensures you are legally protected from start to finish. 


Commercial agents or companies also have the experience to negotiate on your behalf. They are trained to help their clients work through the negotiation process to get the greatest deal for the property.

Property Management

If you want to lease your commercial property, the responsibilities that come with being a landlord can pile up. Having a real estate company provide property management services for you can be a huge relief. This service includes assuring that the property stays in good condition and is cared for. This may also include collecting rent, handling complaints and/or requests, and coordinating repairs and maintenance. 

Contact a Commercial Agent in Real Estate

There’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to deciding whether to lease or sell your commercial property. A real estate agent can provide you with the right information and services to make an informed decision about leasing or selling your property, as well as navigating the logistical, marketing, and business aspects.

If you’re looking for realtors in Port Charlotte, FL, and find yourself saying, “I want to lease my commercial property,” or are looking to sell, contact certified agent Alec Salameh. Mr. Salameh provides his clients with highly professional real estate services and uses the latest real estate tools and marketing to make your purchase, sale, or lease as smooth and efficient as possible.

March 4, 2023

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