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Why Residential and Commercial Properties are so Desirable Right Now

Why Residential and Commercial Properties are so Desirable Right Now 

Florida is a hotspot for properties for many types of people and for personal and commercial purposes. It is the place where most people want to live once they retire and people are even willing to move from out of state to be in a subtropical relaxed city. If you enjoy great weather and are looking for a new property, this could be perfect for you. If you are considering whether Fort Myers is where you want to make your move or where you want to establish a commercial business, then let us show why it is the best choice for you. 

For the past few years, commercial real estate has been shooting up, and once the pandemic comes to an end, investors have actually shared how they will want to keep working in urban cities and with the infrastructure of large-scale cities. Therefore, the market remains strong, and it is looking like that is the direction that it will remain for commercial properties. This is not so unique in comparison to the housing market. Housing real estate is also growing, and it is actually at the highest that it has been in the past 15 years. This is notably all taking place during the pandemic where people are spending more time at home, as many have just worked remotely. This has changed the way that people care for and prioritize their living spaces because it is also their workspace. 

How Special is Fort Myers? 

So, what will you find in Fort Myers that you can’t find anywhere else? It has the culmination of what people look for when they think of escaping the cold or escaping stress. What is interesting is that there is a rather wonderful mix of the things that people look for, and you can experience it every day through residential or commercial properties. However, what we see is that the beaches are some of the best in the world, and there are multiple beaches that are a short drive away. The culture does have a mix of people who also seek a relaxed lifestyle, and so there are the urban and suburban lifestyles that have been able to co-exist. This gives options for those who have a particular interest in being close to the museums, art galleries, amusement parks, and sports events, or closer to the preserves and surrounded by more nature. 

Regardless of the area in Fort Myers, the weather will be shared, and there is a 73% chance that your day will be filled with sunshine since 266 days of the year are actually sunny. The winter season reaches down to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and in comparison to how winter is experienced in other regions of the country, it is a subtropical paradise.

Trust Alec Salameh with Your Fort Myers Property Purchase! 

If you are looking for a trusted real estate agent to guide you to the property that will bring you to Fort Myers, then Alec Salameh, who is a trusted realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty, will deliver modern, trustworthy, and highly professional real estate services. We can provide you with an avenue where selling commercial and residential properties will be executed with the most trusted realtors.

August 9, 2022

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